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What is an Ionic Foot Bath?

Many people use an ionic foot bath to assist in detoxifying the body. These baths work by drawing toxins out of your body through your feet to help the body to return to a more balanced state. The bath itself is a small basin which is filled with a warm saltwater mixture. You place your feet in the bath and then turn on electrodes. As your feet bathe, the ions in the water enter your skin and help any toxins leave through your pores. This detoxification process can happen in as little as 20 minutes, but a period of 30 minutes is recommended for adults.

How Does the Foot Bath Work?

The machine itself doesn't actually cause the detoxification process. The electrodes produce a small current which works with the water and the salt (which improves the conductivity in the water) to produce positive and negative ions. These ions enter the body through the feet and interact with the body. As the ions enter the body, they affect the chemical makeup of your cells, causing them to become more alkaline. The body is naturally more alkaline than acidic so this helps the body return to its natural state. When the cells are in this condition, they naturally begin to detoxify.

Benefits of the Foot Bath

There are several benefits associated with using an ionic foot bath. Users of this treatment have expressed that they have a general sense of well being after the treatment is over. The ionic foot bath helps to remove heavy metals which may be in the body, and may create this sense. This treatment also helps with any weight loss that a patient is trying to achieve due to the removal of toxins. The bath also helps to add oxygen to the body which allows for a stronger cardiovascular system.

Since toxins are removed from the body, this bath can help with the effects of seasonal allergies and destruction of yeast and various bacteria. As your body is cleaner, your recovery time from injury and surgery is faster. The bath also helps to increase your immune system and facilitates easier removal of waste products from the body. You may experience some fatigue after using the machine, but this is normal and should abate after a short period of time.


Soothing and Detoxification. A Blend of Special Selected Herbs that helps the body intensify the cleansing process, has the ability to pull toxins from the skin. The Herbal Wrap assist in Detoxifying the system. Aids Muscle relaxing and Improves Skin Toning. Treatment goals are to release Toxins from the Skin and Body, Improvement of Skin Texture and Condition, Relaxation of Muscles. General Wellness Enhancement, Body Invigoration, Relief for Stress, Relieves sore achy muscles. Target and improve Specific area, such as Cellulite, Back and Bust. While the Herbal Wrap is Working, The therapist will be Massaging your Face and Scalp to enhance your Herbal Wrap Session.